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Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson
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The Kingdom of Matthias: A Story of Sex and Salvation in 19th-Century America
Paul E. Johnson, Sean Wilentz

An Infidel Body-Snatcher and the Fruits of His Philosophy: The Life of Dr. Charles Knowlton (Freethought History) (Volume 1)

An Infidel Body-Snatcher and the Fruits of His Philosophy: The Life of Dr. Charles Knowlton (Freethought History) (Volume 1) - Dan Allosso

Yeah, it's my book and I worked hard on it, so I love it. But here's what others have said:




"Charles Knowlton, doctor, freethinker, and early advocate of contraception, is best remembered for his manual on birth control, ‘The Fruits of Philosophy’, which appeared in 1832 and which led to his prosecution and imprisonment. This superb biography of Knowlton by Dan Allosso, the first ever to be published, is based on the most thorough research and written with admirable clarity and understanding. This is a biography to be enjoyed by every lover of freethought."---Bryan Niblett, Author of Dare to Stand Alone: The Story of Charles Bradlaugh


"This is really great. I love reading about my home town -- no one ever writes about Greenfield, Massachusetts. And I love the rich guy excommunicating the church. How hip is that?"---Penn Jillette, Author of God, No!


"History isn’t always made by Great Persons engineering Great Compromises. Sometimes society moves forward because a common man or woman takes up a radical cause and pursues it without regard to consequences. Charles Knowlton was such a man, undeservedly ignored by mainstream historians. Dan Allosso’s capable new biography of Knowlton illuminates the promise – and the pitfalls – of radical social change pursued from society’s rank and file."---Tom Flynn, Editor, FREE INQUIRY Magazine


"An interesting, engaging, and at times fascinating account of a little-known American hero. Dan Allosso has soundly crafted an excellent biography."---Phil Zuckerman, PhD, Author of Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion